Gratitude Benefits Your Physical and Mental Health

What is gratitude?

Being glad, appreciative and thankful for getting the things which may be either tangible or intangible

Understanding that you can get these things not because of your own abilities

Various benefits of gratitude to mental health


Stimulating the brain regions which are responsible for emotion regulation, memory and body functions

Making people feel positive emotions such as grateful and satisfaction more easily


Being optimistic and hopeful during adverse situations

Helping to grow up after experiencing traumas


Making people feel lively and energetic

Relieving stress and pain

Improving sleeping quality


Strengthening the linkage with others

Making people care more about oneself, others and nature


Ways to Practise Gratitude

  • Always express gratitude
  • Listen more about the experiences of others receiving help when in need
  • Read more stories about gratitude and write down the points that can make you feel grateful 
  • When others express gratitude for your help, concentrate on your happiness in having chances to help or being helped
  • Use a few minutes of quiet time to count the good deeds everyday
  • Write a gratitude journal to practise your mind of blessing