3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood

  • Persist in doing pleasure activities

    • Help distract yourself from worrying thoughts and improve your energy level.

    • You may begin with some simple activities, for example:
      • taking a warm shower
      • enjoying your favorite drink
      • singing or listening to music

  • Record mood lifting activities

    • If you can’t think of doing anything enjoyable, you may rate our pleasant feelings before and after daily activities to create yourself a list of pleasurable activities.

    • Choose some activities from the list. Try to do them and you will find that your mood and energy level will begin to lift.

  • Read inspirational stories

    • When you are stuck in a difficult situation, you need food for your mind that comes as touching and motivational stories

    • They can give you insights, perspectives, and make you feel better.

    • You can learn something from each story, such as how to deal with challenges and adjust to changes.

Be Positive, be joyful, action now!

Student Health Service, Department of Health