I am upset, what can I do?

Speaker: Ms. Rosa Lee, Clinical Psychologist of Student Health Service, Department of Health

Persist in doing pleasure activities

When we are feeling down, sometimes we lose our motivation to do anything.

But holding on to activities that lift our moodis very important for maintaining emotional health.

Because first, we gain positive energy simply by engaging in these activities.

Second, we turn our attention from troubling thoughts to mood-boosting activities.

We can start with activities that are simple and easy.

Such as taking a relaxing shower or drinking something that we likeor listening to our favourite songand even singing it out loud, they are all good for us.

Record mood lifting activities

There ought to be times when we feel more calm and peaceful.Record them.The kinds of activity that make us happy.

So when we are feeling low again, we would have a list of activities to choose from.

Read inspirational stories

For the second method, I would recommend you tolisten to more stories.

Listening to story is not only for kids.

For everyman’s journey is a story, how the protagonist overcame challengesor learnt to adapt.

Other than using reason to solve problem proactively, the spiritual journeys that they have been throughare worth learning from.

Whenever we are stuck in a dilemma, these stories could shed some light for us.

So, let’s start saving up spiritual story from today!