I am scared and disturbed after witnessing a serious incident, what should I do?


When you witnessed a serious incident, it was normal to feel disturbed for a short period of time. You need to take care of your emotional health when attending to the incident:

  • Avoid excessive exposure to the information of the incident
  • Talk to people to soothe your emotions
  • Let yourself cry to soothe depressed emotions
  • Do relaxing activities to divert your attention
  • Do aerobic physical activity and relaxation exercise
  • Maintain a daily routine


I have been feeling disturbed for a period of time after witnessing a serious incident, am I abnormal?


After witnessing a serious incident, many people will experience mental and physical distress within a month:

  • Pictures and memories of the incident keep flashing in your mind. Having illusions and dreams related to the incident
  • Difficult to experience positive emotions like happiness, love and satisfaction
  • Feeling detached from, numb, or unreal of yourself or surrounding environment
  • Avoiding the people, place, feelings and memories of the incident
  • Hypervigilant, irritable, and difficult to concentrate and sleep


These acute stress reactions will decrease gradually with time.

Share your feelings with your parents and trustworthy adults and let them care for and support you.

If the stress reactions persist and affect your daily lives, seek professional help.