Smart Parents @ “Smart Tips for Back-to-School”

When the first day of school is approaching…

Transition from “summer holiday mode” to “back to school mode” can be stressful for students. Some of them may even want to continue to play and not go to school. As parents, we can help our children develop positive attitudes toward learning and get back into normal routine in advance.

Smart parents say, “We can gain knowledge as well as meet new friends at school. In order to prepare for the new school year in two weeks’ time, we shall sleep early and get up early starting today!.”

When our children prepare for preliminary test for class allocation…

Avoid class allocation as a source of stress for our children. Don’t label them by saying, “Students in elite class are smart while those in standard class are stupid.” As parents, we can encourage positive learning attitudes in our children and explain that the purpose of class allocation is to better match teaching to students with different educational needs.

Smart parents say, “No matter which class you have been allocated, mom and dad will try our best to help you with your studies.”

When our children go home after school …

Other than just asking about their homework or monitoring their learning progress, as parents, we should also show our care about how our children is adapting at school.

Smart parents say, “How was your day at school?”, “Can you share one or two interesting (satisfying/ pleasant/ boring/ worrying) thing(s) that happened at school today?”

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