Entrance to Form One!

Female Anchor: Numerous students will face many new challenges when they promote to secondary school, just like one of the secondary one students, Sunny. Let us now take a look at Sunny’s situations on his first day in secondary school.

Situation (1)
The classroom is just ahead. Everyone looks so happy but I am not acquainted – with any of them.

Memo (1)
Feeling anxious in an unfamiliar environment is a natural reaction. Don’t worry!

Memo (2)
Say “Good Morning” to your new schoolmates, introduce yourself as a friendly gesture.

Memo (3)
Participate in class affairs and campus activities to make more friends.

Could I have the basketball back, please?

Sunny:Hi, I am Sunny. What’s your name?

Situation (2)
(Sigh)…more than ten subjects! How can I manage?

Leaflet (1)
Have doubts - take initiative to ask teachers.
Pay effort - problems can be solved step by step.
Practise self-discipline - allocate time for studies and leisure properly.

Leaflet (2)
Encounter difficulties – make attempts to manage by yourself first
Need help - seek assistance from family members and teachers

Female Anchor: Many students, just like Sunny, need to adapt to new learning environment after moving to secondary school. As long as you are well-prepared, and equipped with positive mind and optimistic attitude, you can enjoy a colourful school life. Even though there may be difficulties at times, you can always have support around.