Protect hearing, prevent accident and pay attention to hygiene
  • Adopt the 60 – 60 Rule: Listen at no more than 60% of the mobile device's maximum volume for less than cumulative 60 minutes a day. Prolonged use of earphones should be avoided to prevent accumulative noise induced damage.

  • Sound with sudden rise and fall of noise level e.g. shooting, hammer, and firecracker in video games (Impulse sound) and sound of noise level change drastically over time, e.g. road traffic noise, rock music (fluctuating sound) are more damaging than continuous noise with the same sound level. Adjust the output to a lower volume setting for music / game / film that include impulse and fluctuating sound.

  • Use the built-in "smart volume" feature which help to regulate the volume and cap the possible maximum output in the products, if available.

  • Avoid using mobile electronic screen products while doing other tasks requiring attention e.g. crossing the roads, etc.

  • Pay attention to personal hygiene, clean the surface of the screen regularly and avoid sharing the electronic screen products with others.

Health Tips
Protect hearing, prevent accident and pay attention to hygiene
Adopt proper settings
Limit screen time and choose screen activities wisely NEW
Behave oneself when using Internet and social networking sites. Do not bully, harass or flam others, and do not spread rumours.
Be aware of cyber-safety, protect privacy.
Restrict access to inappropriate content

Engage in interactive activities in real life, encourage group activities and appreciate non-academic achievements
Be physically active, go outdoor

Blink, break and rest

Ensure adequate sleep time and appropriate environment
Updates of health tips based on revised recommendations from American Academy of Pediatrics :
Health Tips Version 2014 Version 2018  《NEW》
Limit screen time and
choose screen activities wisely
Under 2 years old:
Avoid screen time as far as possible. Parents should spend as much quality time with children as possible to replace screen time in order to promote the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of children. In any case, children should not be left alone with the electronic screen products.
Under 2 years old:
Your child needs a large amount of parent-child interaction before two years old. Avoid letting him in contact with any electronic screen products unless to do interactive video-chat with family members under parents’ guidance. If you think the use of certain screen activity may benefit his learning and development, always accompany and guide him and set limits for him.
2 to 6 years old:
If electronic screen products have to be used, screen time should be limited to no more than two hours a day and under the guidance and supervision by parents and teachers.
2 to 5 years old:
The daily accumulated time for your child to watch TV or use computer, tablet computer or smartphone should be restricted to within one hour. The screen activities should be interactive and educative, and to be carried out under your guidance.

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