Mobile Application - Student Weight for Height Check - Notification of Decommissioning

"Student Weight for Height Check" has been decommissioned.

To prevent the loss of your record of "Weight for Height Check", please follow the steps below to save your record of "Weight for Height Check":

  • Open the “Weight for Height Check”, you can click the “Weight for Height Check” button.

    picture 1

  • After you select your account in the list, you can click “View Past Record” button to view your past record.

    picture 2picture 3

  • You can capture your “Weight for Height Chart” by using the built-in screen capture function* of your mobile device.

    You may press the colour dot on the “Weight for Height Chart” one by one for capturing the details of your past record.

    picture 4picture 5

*you can make reference to the user manual of your mobile device or the official web site of your mobile device’s manufacturer for details of the built-in screen capture function.

For enquiries, please Contact Us.

Thank you very much for your support over the years and we look forward to your continued support to Student Health Service!
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Last Revision Date : 11 March 2019