Enrolment Forms and Related Information

Enrolment documents for the school year 2017/2018

The Student Health Service of the Department of Health aims to safeguard both the physical and psychological health of students through health promotion and disease prevention services, enabling them to gain the maximum benefit from the education system and develop their full potential. Our scope of service covers physical examination, health assessment, individual health counselling and health education. For details of the health programmes by grade, please refer to the “Health Programmes at Student Health Service Centre”. We would like to invite all primary and secondary day school students to participate in the service. Relevant enrolment documents have already been sent to schools. If you wish to browse or download the information, please choose the items below.

Enrolled students of the Student Health Service will be given an annual appointment at a designated Student Health Service Centre according to the location of the attending school. The service period starts from November 2017 to October 2018.

Students joining Student Health Service will be charged according to their eligibility status. The service is provided free to those students who are “eligible persons” (please refer to the “Notes for Parents/Guardians” for details).

Student can enrol through their schools at the beginning of each school year in September. In special circumstances, if students cannot enrol through the above method, please refer to the“Notes for Parents/Guardians” and download the “Application and Consent Form for Student Health Service” in the tool bar of “Application Forms and Related Documents” The completed form can be sent either by mail or by fax to the nearby Student Health Service Centre (Centre’s Information) If you wish to mail your application and consent form to us, please ensure sufficient postage has been paid before posting.

For enquiries, please call 2349 4212.

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Last Revision Date : 7 September 2017